“Sorry” versus “thank you”…

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Many of us apologise for everything, almost saying “I’m sorry” for our very existences. 

We need to be able to strike a balance between saying sorry for something because we truly should – “I stepped on your foot? I’m sorry” – and apologising for breathing. 

For instance, why should you be sorry because you want to speak during a conversation? – “I’m sorry to bother you, can I just say…”.

We have been conditioned that we get things wrong, as if we are constantly making mistakes. We do not get everything wrong, however, and it’s time that the world started saying sorry to us. Sorry for not trying to understand our sensory differences, sorry for not being specific when giving instructions, sorry for expecting us to “read between the lines” of what’s being said – we’re autistic, not mind-readers. 

So, instead of saying “sorry” try saying “thank you” instead:

sorry vs thank you

Or, take a leaf out of Chloe’s partner, Louis’ book and externalise everything.  Stubbed your toe? “Damn you coffee table, attacking me!”*

*maybe don’t do this!

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