SYA? Student Attendees Creative Work

The following slide show exhibits student appliques – positive words or phrases students came up with about them being autistic, sewn on to fabric.

In one of our later sessions students are given the opportunity to come up with positive words or phrases they feel represent them and how they now feel about being autistic. These words/phrases are then cut out in fabrics and sewn on to t-shirts; pillowcase; jackets and so on to display with pride. This follows after a session and much discussion on the language surrounding being autistic, both positive and negative, and after we have worked together on coming up with three positive things they can say about themselves. For many autistic people thinking positive things about ourselves and being autistic is very difficult. What we at SYA? are always so pleased to see is fellow attendees helping one another come up with positive things – seeing the positives in their fellow autistic where perhaps they cannot do it for themselves. 

SYA? attendees Spring Term 2019 arrow

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