SYA? at Kent Autistic Pride 2019

SYA? was invited to speak at the Kent Autistic Pride 2019. Chloe gave a short talk about how SYA? supports autistic students to foster a sense of pride, where pride means not hiding who you are in the safe space Chloe and Annette provide in their structured progamme. 

Chloe was struggling with burnout from writing her PhD thesis and was having issues stringing sentences together, and this can demonstrate the difficulty in recognising internal type autistic experience due to masking – where outsiders-looking-in can’t see the inner life of autistics.

People have been kind and said that she I spoke fine, but what you can’t see is the amount of cognitive effort this talk took me, and the fact that I am talking at a reasonable speed, which to me is incredibly slow compared to my normal talking speed.



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