Affiliate projects

Chloe and Annette at So, You’re Autistic? are also involved in other autistic projects, such as the following:

Adventures of Super Autie Gang

Annette Foster is Super Autie girl with her friends, Chloe Farahar, Jessica Chudasama-Alloway, Susie Bass, Sheila Wu, & Rowan Woods.

Most recently this work-in-progress, collaborative performance piece has been performed at the University of Kent Autism Arts Festival to much acclaim, here is the professional live stream (PLEASE NOTE CONTAINS NUDITY):

Playing A/Part – 

Chloe and Annette are also involved in the School of Arts, University of Kent, four-year project Playing A/Part, collaboratively exploring the experiences of autistic girls.

As steering committee members and academics Annette and Chloe were a part of the Playing A/Part Inside Out Autistic conference June 2019. There are a number of videos of the talks here 

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