Autistic wellbeing: What works

New in 2020: Autistic wellbeing: What works? Does CBT work?

Chloe Farahar | PhD

In a sentence:
In this one-hour session Dr Chloe Farahar critically discusses the evidence for the use of CBT with Autistic people, and asks attendees to consider the wellbeing of Autistic people, and not how to change Autistic experience.


In this training Chloe discusses the evidence for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a therapy for Autistic people who have anxiety, depression, and/or low self-esteem, and why Autistic people need Autistic identity, culture, community, and space for better mental wellbeing.

  • What is Autistic experience? Clinical versus Autistic community definitions
  • What wellbeing concerns do Autistic people have?
    • Anxiety
    • Overwhelm; meltdown; shutdown; burnout (versus depression)
    • Harmful stims
    • Typical psychological divergences e.g. voice-hearing
  • Why does typical CBT not always work?
  • Challenges of using CBT to improve Autistic wellbeing
  • Therapists and their challenging behaviours
  • Adapting CBT – does it work? Limitations of studies
  • Importance of Autistic identity, culture, community, and spaces for wellbeing
  • Summary and close – Mindful stimming (if time)

Time requirements: This workshop suits a one hour (or more) timeframe to incorporate interaction, reflection, and discussion.  

Attendees: There are no limits as to the number who can attend, and the session may be appropriate for adults, parents, and professionals.

Workshop delivery requirementsPLEASE NOTE: Chloe has her own projector, stand, and screen – but please inform her if you have your own she can use.  Ideally, the workshop requires a room with speakers/audio capability for a video with sound; and a wipe board (if time for a two-hour workshop then flip-chart paper and pens for attendees would be appreciated).  This workshop has been carried out in lecture theatres; smaller group-work rooms; school halls etc. – all rooms can be used for the delivery of this workshop, and it is down to your room availability/attendee size.

It is possible to have Chloe deliver this session online e.g. via Zoom. If the cost of your event is to be incurred by the attendees, and not the host, So, You’re Autistic can also facilitate by setting up and manning an Eventbrite for you. Please request this in your enquiry.

To discuss Chloe delivering any of her workshops or talks please contact us here:

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