Neurodiversity event (for young pupils, year 7+)

New in 2019: Neurodiversity event (for young pupils, year 7+):

Understanding & Accepting Neurodivergent Ways of Experiencing the World

In a sentence:

An age appropriate half-day event for young school pupils to learn about neurodiversity and different types of neurodivergence.

In this day of activities and workshops Dr Chloe Farahar introduces neurodiversity to young school pupils (year 7+), with a focus on accepting and accommodating their peers who experience the world differently.

Please note that this workshop contains real-life narratives about being autistic.

Event overview:

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • Thinking differently with Chloe – an introduction to autistic stimming
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones – the importance of language

(more detailed layout):

  • What is neurodiversity?
    • Explaining neurodiversity
    • What kinds of neurodivergence are there?
    • Task: What are the strengths and challenges of being autistic/dyslexic/having attention differences (ADHD)?
    • Everyone has strengths and challenges
    • Task: the banana problem
  • Thinking differently with Chloe – an introduction to autistic stimming
    • What is self-stimulatory behaviour (stimming)?
    • Task: guided mindful stimming
    • Why we should step into other people’s shoes
    • Example autistic experiences – what makes someone autistic?
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones… – the importance of language
    • Task: What are your strengths and challenges? – we all have them
    • What does someone look like when they’re neurodivergent? – dispelling stereotypes
    • Think about your words
    • Language use
    • Task: what’s in a name?

If time/required, Chloe can also provide a short presentation on her personal autistic experiences:

  • Autistic childhood, school, and “friends”
  • Teenage years and “friends”
  • Stimming
  • My kind of relationship
  • Difficulties
  • Strengths
  • What would I change…

Time requirements: This is a half-day or daylong event (with school break times).

Attendees: If you have sufficient teaching staff and assistants to help manage larger group sizes, there are no limits as to the number who can attend. The event is appropriate for all age groups and backgrounds, and has been developed for pupils from year 7 and upwards. An estimate of participant numbers nearer the day is appreciated.

Workshop delivery requirements: PLEASE NOTE: Chloe has her own projector, stand, and screen – but please inform her if you have your own she can use.  Ideally, the workshop requires a room with speakers/audio capability for a video with sound; and pupil pens (a “laboratory notes” book with task questions and responses will be provided).  Chloe has delivered training and events in lecture theatres; smaller group-work rooms; school halls etc. – all rooms can be used for the delivery of this workshop, and it is down to your room availability/attendee size.

To discuss Chloe delivering any of her workshops or talks please contact us here: 

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