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Become an Autistic Ally – complete neurodiversity and autism training provided by Chloe and Annette from SYA? and gain Autistic Ally status – see here to find the training we offer.

  • W/C 25th November 2019 
  • W/C 7th October 2019
    • A new Camouflaging Autistic Traits Questionnaire (CAT-Q) has been developed and discussed in a research paper here (actual checklist p. 827). See here and here for our pages on masking. 
  • W/C 2nd September 2019
    • SYA? was invited to speak at the Kent Autistic Pride 2019. Find here the short live-stream video of Chloe’s talk about SYA? and what pride means to us.
  • W/C 10th June 2019
    • A note on where we got our logo and how you can use the Autistic Ally badge 
  • W/C 20th May 2019
  • W/C 7th May 2019
    • There’s now a new page on the affiliative work and projects Annette and Chloe are involved with, including Annette’s work in progress Adventures of Super Autie Gang, as part of the Autism Arts Festival, as well as our work on the School of Arts, University of Kent, four-year project Playing A/Part, collaboratively exploring the experiences of autistic girls.
    • A brief post (to be updated when have spoons) on our involvement in the Autism Arts Festival
    • Work-in-progress page on University Reasonable Adjustments for autistic/neurodivergent students, at present there is a document Chloe has compiled on Guidance for Viva examination of Autistic PhD students
  • W/C 15th April 2019 
    • SYA? Student Attendees Creative Work – This slide show exhibits student appliques from our Spring 2019 programme – positive words or phrases students came up with about them being autistic, sewn on to fabric.
  • W/C 1st April 2019 
  • W/C 25th March 2019 
  • W/C 18th March 2019
    • New post and permanent page on “Notes on Diagnosis & Assessment/Diagnosis Process”
    • Anonymous feedback from our first SYA? programme run attendees, from Autumn 2018
  • W/C 18th February 2019
    • New post on Alexithymia – difficulties in identifying, describing, and processing one’s own feelings
  • W/C 3rd December 2018
  • W/C 22nd October 2018
  • W/C 10th September 2018:
    • There is now information on post-programme support and societies etc. once you complete the SYA? programme.
    • The SYA? resources list is now updated with links to the important external resources to help you avoid the bad and the awful information etc. that’s out there on autism.
    • There is now an online, anonymous feedback form for those who attend SYA? – the link of which can be found on the private “Protected: SYA? – your contributions” page.
  • W/C 3rd September 2018:
  • W/C 20th August 2018:
  • W/C 13th August 2018:
    • #TakeOffTheMask Campaign – week 4 – autistic burnout: Excellent (if long) blog by The Autistic Advocate on autistic burnout: what it is; why it happens; what to do about it; and why it’s probably burnout, not depression
    • A short piece on “The “negatives” of being autistic…” – which leads you to the original post, including information on:
      • Initiation error
      • Specificity (enough information to complete tasks)
      • Spoon theory/energy
      • Difference in working memory (why you forget what you did all week)
      • Difficulty sleeping and shutting your brain off
      • Struggling to sit still
      • Clumsiness
  • W/C 6th August 2018:
  • W/C 30th July 2018:
    • Found blog on the protective properties of meltdowns
    • The SYA? site is now accessible without invites, and the “SYA? – your contributions” page is now password protected, so that only attendees to the SYA? programme can access it (please request the password here). This is in order to maintain privacy and anonymity.
  • W/C 23rd July 2018:

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