Online consultations

Chloe is currently offering a limited number of online,
1-2-1 consultations – fixed price: £60

Take advantage of these if you have questions about your Autistic experience, particularly if the knowledge that you are Autistic is new and you would like to better understand yourself (payment buttons for confirmed bookings, and booking enquiry form at the bottom of the page).

For an idea of possible topics you could discuss with Chloe (although not limited to these) take a look through our website and at our video and training topics.

Consultation format/s: Currently, all consultations are delivered online via Zoom (a free, online meeting site). How you use your time with Chloe is up to you. An initial consultation of up to 60 minutes (£60) is carried out with Chloe in the first instance to see if she can offer you consultation, advice, and education on Autistic experience. Follow-on consultations after this are available for up to 60 minutes (£60).

Due to the diverse nature of the Autistic population, how you use the meeting space can vary. Some people are happy to use both video and audio during chats, and to have Chloe do the same. Some may prefer to just use audio, and others may just like to use the chat function. Please let Chloe know in the booking form or confirmation booking email of any requirements you may have.

It is also possible to send Chloe an idea of what you would like to talk about ahead of time if this helps relieve any anxiety, or helps fulfil the need to plan. Chloe will likely ask about your experiences and understanding of autism to get an idea of where you are on your Autistic journey (if there are topics you would rather not discuss or language preferences you have please let Chloe know).

Transparency: Please note that while Chloe has a PhD is social psychology (specialising in stigma reduction via the neurodiversity narrative), she is not a counsellor or therapist. What is offered is an opportunity to discuss your Autistic experience (diagnosed or not) with Chloe, where she can consult, advise, and educate as an Autistic woman who has co-developed a structured support programme for Autistic students.

Age of consultation attendees and safeguarding for all, please read: Consultations are offered to anyone over the age of 18 years. For anyone aged below 18 years and seeking advice and education please engage Chloe’s services via a responsible adult (please note Chloe has a full, clean Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service [DBS] check with the University of Kent, once known as a CRB [Criminal Records Bureau] check).

Regardless of the age of a consultation attendee, in the interests of safeguarding clients Chloe will break confidentiality should she be made aware of immediate danger to the client or others. This may mean calling the emergency services. By entering into a consultation you are agreeing to this safeguarding procedure. To this end, when confirming a consultation please provide a valid telephone number and address where you will be based when attending the consultation online so that emergency services can be called if you become at risk of harm or harming others. In accordance with GDPR these details will be kept in a secure, encrypted file, and deleted once you no longer require Chloe’s services.

To book an appointment please use the calendar and booking system via the button link below.

Once you have booked your consult date, Calendly will re-direct you to PayPal where you can confirm your booking via payment.

If this is your first consult with Chloe it is recommended you complete the unofficial and official Autistic and ADHD checklists, even if diagnosed, to help structure the session (not compulsory). 

Unofficial autism checklist

Aspie Quiz

Autism spectrum quotient

WHO ADHD checklist

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