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Our beautiful logo is the work of Ambra Luisa Fridegotto. 

Ambra was asked to represent the bio/physical and neurodivergent diversity of the autistic people we support. At SYA? we embrace all manner of diversity, and we wanted a logo that demonstrated our acceptance and love of the intersectionality within the autistic community, intersectionality that includes LGBTQ+, biodiversity, and disabled diversity, as well as different neurologies. 

And yes, there is a mer-person, because, well, why not! (but, actually because we accept everyone who comes to us for support). 

Thanks Ambra!

While we at SYA? are the only people who can use this personalised logo, if you, your school, company, or organisation complete neurodiversity and autism training provided by Chloe and Annette from SYA? you can gain Autistic Ally status, and use our Autistic Ally badge – see here to find the training we offer. 


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