Hire us – training, talks, consultations

We provide a number of training workshops and/or talks for use in a number of settings, including: 

  • schools
  • universities
  • community settings
  • charities and workplaces (e.g. Porchlight, a homeless charity, and local and metropolitan police personnel) 
  • County councils, NHS trusts/foundations
  • SEND/SENCO groups

Purpose: The purpose of these training workshops and talks is largely to inform and instruct on the importance of understanding, accepting, and accommodating for neuro-divergent ways of experiencing the world. 

Who has hosted us: Chloe and Annette have delivered this work as part of training; educational endeavours; continued professional development requirements; equality and diversity activities; disability awareness and acceptance activities; autistic/artistic festival/event panels; parents of autistic children audiences.

Sample Testimonials (more here)

“I genuinely think the course is fascinating and Chloe is a fantastic teacher. I am very impressed by how inclusive her style is and how her enthusiasm for the topic comes over. This feeling [is] definitely shared by others.” – Porchlight Charitable Organisation, March 2019

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