Hire us – training, talks, consultations

Chloe and Annette provide a number of training workshops and/or talks for use in a number of settings, including: 

  • schools
  • universities
  • community settings
  • charities and workplaces (e.g. Porchlight, a homeless charity, and local and metropolitan police personnel) 
  • County councils, NHS trusts/foundations
  • SEND/SENCO groups

Purpose: The purpose of these training workshops and talks is largely to inform and instruct on the importance of understanding, accepting, and accommodating for neuro-divergent ways of experiencing the world. 

Who has hosted us: Chloe and Annette have delivered this work as part of training; educational endeavours; continued professional development requirements; equality and diversity activities; disability awareness and acceptance activities; autistic/artistic festival/event panels; parents of autistic children audiences.

Please find below titles and links for the work that Chloe can carry out (please note that these talks can be adapted): 

  1. Autism; mental illnesses; and neurodiversity: Why we are all weird, but nobody is ill – A short course (this is a three-session short course that includes some of the following stand-alone talks/workshops)
  2. The Evolution of Neurodiversity: A Critical Perspective of Mental Health Workshop (alternative title: The Stigma of Mental Health Experiences: How Can Psychology Tackle It?)
  3. Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshop
  4. Changing Behaviours. Social psychology: Changing mental health stigma
  5. Psychology of Decision Making

New in 2018: 

  1. Neurodiversity Matters for Students: Knowledge and practical skills for neurodivergent students engaging in research
  2. Neurodiversity Matters for Supervisors: Knowledge and practical skills for supervisors of neurodivergent students engaging in research

New in 2019: 

  1. Autism Theory and Practical Skills Training: In this training Chloe and Annette provide a theoretical understanding about autistic experience and practical knowledge about how to best support autistic people in whatever capacity you come into contact with them.
  2.  Neurodiversity event (for young pupils, year 7+): An age appropriate half-day event for young school pupils to learn about neurodiversity and different types of neurodivergence.

New in 2020: 

  1. Autistic wellbeing: What works

Sample Testimonials (more here)

“I genuinely think the course is fascinating and Chloe is a fantastic teacher. I am very impressed by how inclusive her style is and how her enthusiasm for the topic comes over. This feeling [is] definitely shared by others.” – Porchlight Charitable Organisation, March 2019

Who could host us? We encourage anyone to host us – we are all touched daily by the topics we cover, whether you are neuro-divergent or not, we can help expand your knowledge about yourself and others. 

What will you learn? Attendees will learn about neuro-diversity and -divergent ways of experiencing life, work, and education. Importantly, attendees will learn how to think critically about the attitudes we hold and behaviours we enact – and this skill is applicable to areas outside of neuro-diversity and -divergence. 

Become an Autistic Ally – complete neurodiversity and autism training provided by Chloe and Annette from SYA? and gain Autistic Ally status

If your organisation does a minimum of 4 hours training with us you will receive Autistic Ally status for 18-months, and we will provide a glossy poster; window vinyl; and JPG/PNG badge you can use on your website/s; materials etc.
VOID received training from SYA autistic ally badge.png

Cost to host us: We will never “price out” individuals and organisations who have limited funds, so please contact us to discuss your needs. All we ask is to be paid fairly for the work that we do. All prices quoted will take into account travel and preparation by our facilitators, and are determined by your needs (e.g. length of work to be carried out). We also offer to support you to promote and manage your event via Eventbrite. 

To discuss delivering any of Chloe and Annette’s training workshops or talks please contact us here:

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