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There’s a lot of information out there on autism. We have complied a list of useful resources for your first foray into the world of all things autistic, to help you avoid the bad and the awful. 

(An Autism Observer also are continuously compiling a list of autistic blogs that you may find useful – also see here “Where to go for all things Autistic – a brief starting guide“)

Resources for your exploration of your autistic-ness! (Plus a graphic at the end showing good and bad charities/symbols etc.)

UPDATE Nov 2019: here is a link to our SYA? Amazon stim object wishlist so you can get an idea of things to buy: SYA? Stim toys wishlist 


Females with Aspergers Syndrome Checklist by Samantha Craft Dated terminology in places, but best checklist you’ll find – SYA? created their own scored version of this checklist, link here
Autism Spectrum Quotient You can take this to your GP/assessor (not ideal for internal/“female” phenotypes  – but nothing better exists, yet)
Aspie-Quiz You can take this to your GP/assessor (not ideal for internal/“female” phenotypes – but nothing better exists, yet)
Inclusive autistic traits checklist  Inclusive list taking gender into consideration


The Mighty: Autism Spectrum Disorder  
The silent wave: Life through one female Asperger’s lens  Autisticality, discusses inertia (how to accidentally spend all day cleaning); gender; Neurodiversity, language, and the social model; Burnout; Empathy etc.)
The other side: Blogging on autism and art  
The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple  
ANONYMOUS AUTISTIC: Thoughts on my neuro-divergent experiences Some initial blogs on thinking they’re autistic, prior to assessment, and then post-assessment, discusses e.g. death of loved one when autistic

Important to help with narrative/terminology/understanding 

Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes



What Is Autism? Basically, MOST things by Nick Walker
Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms & Definitions
Autism and the Pathology Paradigm



TV and film (rare to find good depictions)

Are You Autistic? Channel 4 documentary, which was quite positive

Books/good reads


Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur  
Beth Wilson – artist @doodlebeth  
Growing up Aspie – a comic by Nathan McConnell  

FaceBook, Instagram etc.

#doilookautisticyet Dispel the myth that autistics are white, non-verbal, boys
Spectrum Women  
 NEURODIVERSE UK FaceBook community page

Good organisations/charities

SWAN – Scottish Women’s Autism Network  
 Foundations for Divergent Minds  

Events/awareness and acceptance days/months

Autscape A conference created primarily for and by autistic participants
Autistic pride (and picnics!) Various, if you follow e.g. NEURODIVERSE UK members post about them

Useful miscellaneous

Headspace App to help meditate a noisy mind – also see SYA?s “Anxiety, overwhelm, and meltdown” page

(Largely) good researchers/research centres

The  Centre for Research in Autism and Education  
The Participatory Autism Research Collective



A community for people who want to promote autistic involvement in autism research
Masking – Issue 1 



Published on Mar 26, 2018 


An inside look at the Autism Spectrum.

Therapeutic support

Improving Self-Esteem  
Think CBT site: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy / Compassion Focused Therapy Resources CBT can be unhelpful for autistic people, as our experiences of depression and anxiety are not the result of “faulty” thinking, but largely due to sensory processing differences and difficulties in relating to those who are not autistic. Acceptance and commitment-based approaches may be more suitable.
CBT thought record – self compassion Some elements of e.g. CBT can be useful, such as teaching yourself self-compassion (whilst remembering that some situations are difficult because they are not suited for autistic experiences of the world)

Avoid/be cautious! 

National Autistic Society Hit and miss
ANY campaigns that “Light it up blue”  


symbols to avoid - charities

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