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SYA? is typically an eight , 2 hour session programme which is guided by the sessions outlined below. The sessions combine Chloe’s social psychology, autism, and stigma-reduction background with Annette’s drama/art practitioner and autism background. We endeavour to keep our programme runs to a 10 attendee maximum. 

Session guide

  1. Introductory session to SYA?
  2. Session exploring in more detail what being autistic means
  3. Masking, mimicking, camouflaging, sensory differences/difficulties, coping strategies 
  4. Session exploring and introducing you to the wonders of “stimming” 
  5. Language and being kind to ourselves
  6. Gender and autism 
  7. General session

Support does not end when you complete the SYA? programme, the university has a wide range of informal and formal support, services, and societies to help you continue with a sense of community – see here for more information. 

Once you complete the SYA? programme, we would really appreciate your anonymous feedback to help us recognise what works well and what could be improved. Please go here for the online feedback form. 

See here to see what our past attendees had to say about the programme. 

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