Chloe Farahar PhD

Realising autism

“I was diagnosed at age 32 after a lifetime of being told I am “weird”, “odd”, “stand-offish”, and “unapproachable”. I struggled to make friends, and experienced bouts of depression and constant anxiety. It was only once I realised I was autistic that I found my “group of weird” – the autistic community, and my new friend Annette. Together, Annette and I explored what being autistic meant for us, and now we work together on projects and research to help other autistics learn to find their “group of weird”. I hope that via SYA? you too can find your place in the world.”

Chloe’s passion (not “special interests”!)

Chloe Farahar is a social justice activist on behalf of the neuro-divergent, and is based in Kent. Chloe’s academic and personal lives revolve around confronting the public misconceptions about “mental illness” in order to educate about the more accurate neuro-diversity of humanity.

Chloe is currently carrying out a Ph.D. in social psychology with a programme of research specifically attempting to improve the dominant discourse surrounding differential mental health experiences (neuro-divergences). Using social psychological theory, Chloe created, developed, and uses a play (Stigmaphrenia©; Farahar, 2012) about the neuro-divergent nature of what is currently (and incorrectly) referred to as “madness” and “mental illness” in order to improve public attitude and behaviour, but more importantly, perceptions of the self.

During her activities as an activist for social justice and change, Chloe’s play about the neuro-diversity of humanity has been performed in the UK; two educational establishments in the US; and is being performed by three stage schools in 2018. Chloe also carries out workshops educating diverse audiences about the power of language, and the need to move away from marginalising bio-medical language and the misconceptions it instils.

Chloe is always looking for collaborative endeavours to disseminate her play Stigmaphrenia©, as well as opportunities for academic collaboration, and is always happy to provide her workshops and talks for any audience.


Stigmaphrenia© is a play and project created by Chloe Farahar (previously Tresoi Tyler). The play attempts to frame mental health in a critical light and affect the stigma that surrounds it by including mental health labels under the term neuro-diversity.

All work concerning Stigmaphrenia©, including the name, are the rights and intellectual property of Chloe Farahar (previously Tresoi Tyler), as such, any recreation, in part or whole, needs to be approved by Ms Farahar by contacting her via

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